Dog Screen

Have a torn or damaged screen?

Pet resistant pet screen can replace virtually all screens and is resistant to tears and rips from animals and still provides a barrier to insects.

Pet Screen

Welcome to Pet Screen Direct. Pet screening is a screen made of strong vinyl coated polyester that is seven times stronger than traditional screening. This type of screen is made to resist damage by pets but is also a heavy duty insect screening. It is tough enough to resist damage from your pets and still have good outward visibility. You can use pet screen in window screens, sliding screen doors, screened porches, or anywhere that screening is used. Phifer "Pet Screen" is great for dog and cat owners and is great for high traffic or potentially damaging areas. We offer a variety of sizes and all the tools and accessories that you will need to install your pet screen. You can order directly online and the product will be shipped to your door. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or call at 1-888-922-0418.