Install Tutorial

1. Remove the old screen by first removing the old spline. You may need to use a flat tip screw driver to pull the first bit of spline out of the screen. Then gently pull the spline out.
2. Once you have removed the old spline from the screen you can remove the old screening.
3. Lay your new "Pet Screen" over the item you are re-screening. Overlay a few inches on every side and then cut the screen to length.
3a. Final cut of new "Pet Screen".
4. Using the "Screen Installation Tool" insert the Spline into one side of the screen at a time and then use the concave side of the installation tool to push the spline into the groove. (Be sure to pull the screen tightly and evenly as you push the spline into the groove.)
5. Cut any excess screen from the screen after all the spline has been pushed into the groove.
Finished Pet Screen!